Four Things New Amazon Phone Has “Solely”.. and Freebies

Amazon crushed the competition with their ereader/tablet known as The Kindle Fire. Now they have their very own mobile smart phone coming out called the “Fire Phone”. It is as of now available for pre-order. It is safe to say that as a reader, your generally familiar with what mobile phones (especially smart phones) can do in today’s mobile technology world. Surfing the Internet, text messaging, playing video / audio files and the ability to download special “apps” that give your phone all sorts of cool options or provide fun time components are a given. Latest buzz isn’t going to go into all the details of things people already know today’s smart phones can do.

Instead.. we are going to give you the innovations, or four things new amazon phone has that set this mobile device apart from other mobile phones. In other words.. what does Amazon’s new Fire Phone have, or implement that other smart phones don’t? In short .. we want to answer the question of the common buyer: Why should I buy the Amazon Fire Phone? Price Tag is $199.00 with a contract … ($649.00 with no contract). .. and each phone even comes with their own “premium grade” ear buds, charger, and remote microphone.


1. Live Video Support at the touch of a button called “Mayday“!  Amazon has an impeccable reputation for support on their Kindle products. Support for the Kindle products and their customer service is rated quite high. Amazon has gone one step further on the technology aspect of their support. They provide live video, from a real representative right via the phone itself if your having trouble with it’s functionality or some type of issue! Have a problem sending email on your cell…? Just use their one touch option “Mayday” and almost instantly an Amazon representative or Amazon  support specialist will be contacted. they representative will appear at the top of your mobile screen to assist you 24/7 (365 days a year)!! Amazon plans to have help to you via Mayday in about 15 seconds from the moment you press your Mayday option. There is no charge for the support when using your Data network. We knew the day was coming, now that day is here.. well done, Amazon.

*Normal data charges apply when you are using Mayday over the cellular network if you do not have an unlimited data plan

2. Easier One Hand Interaction – The new Amazon phone uses something called “Dynamic Perspective“. Dynamic Perspective uses a special sensor in the phone to give the user more options while only using one hand. Functions such as “Tilt”, “Swivel” and “Peek” are new options that enable the user to see more about the content they are viewing while giving the user additional functionality. While holding the phone with only one hand Dynamic Perspective enables the user to perform several basic functions. Instead of using the swipe method to access an app. or accessing a menu options in the app you happen to be using, Amazon’s Dynamic Perspective takes about 50% of the user work process away. In fact, many times the user does not even have to swipe or touch the phones screen at all to perform general mobile phone duties. Details on map programs, attaching photo’s, seeing notifications, and scrolling to read can all be done without ever touching the phones screen itself. Nice –

3. FireFly Technology. Simply hold the phone over a business card, poster, magazine article etc. and FireFly automatically detects phone numbers, email addresses andwebsite addresses for you to act upon WITHOUT the need to actually manually type in the text. The Amazon Fire Phone recognizes it’s an email, website address, or phone number on the hard copy your point the phones camera at using FireFly and the phone will take the action you want. If there is an email on the poster you can email that address… no typing needed. If there is a website address on the business card .. the user can access that page without entering the URL. It only requires a tap on the screen. FireFly recognizes all the important things..and naturally recognizes phone numbers for automatic dialing and adding to contacts. Great stuff… Lots less work.

4. Amazon’s almost instant camera functionality and specialized image stabilization. Finally “quality” image stabilization in a cell phone. No more of that extreme shakiness on video and blurred photo’s because of that. Amazon boasts their advanced image stabilization, along with their 13 megapixel camera HDR (high dynamic range) produces the very best photos even against Samsung Galaxy and Apples iphone 5S which are known for their great image capabilities in a mobile phone.  The camera is launched in right around one second flat!!  ..with the simple touch of a button.


Special Free Goodies that come with your purchase:

Amazon offers unlimited photo storage on the cloud (“cloud storage/access” simply means storing or accessing information or files on the Internet, versus storing those items on your local device be it a computer or cell phone etc.) for it’s purchasers. All photo’s, new and old can be saved to the cloud (even automatically if desired) in full resolution at no charge.

FREE Amazon Prime for a year – Amazon Prime is a special Amazon membership that gives access to loads movies, TV shows, songs, books and all kinds of media for The Kindle and now the Amazon’s Fire Phone. There are literally thousands of movies…over a million songs are available and 500,000 ebooks to stream or download at any time. As well free Prime members get two day shipping on all Amazon orders. If your already an Amazon Prime member Amazon extends your current Prime membership by a year.. See More Details and Order the New Fire Phone Here


– The Fire Phone has a quad-core processor and 2GB of system memory: 2.2GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU.

– The Fire Phone is available in 32 GB and 64 GB storage versions.

– The Fire Phone has a 4.7  HD LCD 1280 x 720 resolution display.

– The Fire Phone Has a New Mobile Phone Operating System known as Fire OS 3.5 that slightly resembles their Silk Web browser and Kindle Operating System. If you enjoyed the streamline, unobtrusive look of those you should enjoy their Mobile phone operating system as well.

– Weight is …5.64 ounces.

*Battery time is pretty impressive at up to 22 hours for Talk.  Additionally it is rated up to 285 hours in non operation mode (stand-by). Video playback is over 10 hours and audio play extends to 65 hours.

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