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So What Is The Cloud Thing .. Anyway?

what is the cloud thing 02

So What Is The Cloud Thing Anyway?   So you’ve heard it over and over…”cloud storage”.. “upload to the cloud”..” cloud services”..” stored in the cloud”.. cloud this… and cloud that.. but many still have to wonder what exactly IS the CLOUD? Cloud services and/or using the cloud means, in definition: Storing and/or accessing files […]

Mystery Missile? Did Someone Shoot Down Flight MH17

shoot down flight mh17

Did someone shoot down Flight MH17 ? Another mystery surrounding a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane. This time we know where and when, but are not 100% sure how or exactly why? All 298 people were killed on Malaysian Airlines Flight  MH17 as it smashed to the ground on the border of Russia and Eastern Ukraine. […]

Italian Cruise Ship Surfaces .. One Still Missing

italian cruise ship raised

  The Italian cruise ship raised was a site to behold, but not in a positive light. Surprisingly the ship named Costa Concordia appeared in fair condition in different spots considering it being reef wrecked and completely submerged in saltwater for a year and a half. The ship sat parked underwater off the coast of […]

First Online Business Incubator? Meet Pitchswag

online business incubator

  Incoming .. The Very First Online Business Incubator –   Pitchswag, the worlds first web based business incubator is set to go live this September. A business incubator is a program or organization that assists in or provides various services and resources to individual’s who have a business idea. As well, business incubators can […]

In Manchester, Printworks Hosts Star Wars Event


 Star Wars Bash This July Weekend At The Printworks   Machester, England: The huge entertainment complex known as The Printworks which is known for it’s major entertainment festivities is having yet another biggy. The big event this July weekend is a major Star Wars Gayla.  The Printworks is a large entertainment facility that has events […]

In Economic Uncertainty Gold Coins ..Gold Investing HOT

gold investing is hot

  China has been purchasing gold by the billions of dollars since June of 2012. China, in being a social – communistic country has a “state-owned” television station. In the past it was illegal to own gold as a private citizen. Since 2009 they are actually encouraging it. China’s news programming is a state governed news […]

Stocks High, A Market Bubble? Yes.. Yet Safe For Now


*Image above is courtesy of the fabulous, Is there a Market bubble that is going to bust? Not soon. can tell you that there will be no bust, or major correction within 6 weeks from July 3, 2014. Safe for right now … (more details and actual point forecasts below): The Dow Jones […]

Mystery Blob Off Coast, In Gulf Of Mexico Likely Solved

blob off coast

“Blob off coast Mystery” solved (most likely). The image of the large blob that is seen above was taken from an underwater camera attached to an oil rig in The Gulf of Mexico two years ago. In April 2012, the blob baffled the public.  This blob did more than simply float on by… it seemed […]

Four Things New Amazon Phone Has “Solely”.. and Freebies

things new amazon phone

Amazon crushed the competition with their ereader/tablet known as The Kindle Fire. Now they have their very own mobile smart phone coming out called the “Fire Phone”. It is as of now available for pre-order. It is safe to say that as a reader, your generally familiar with what mobile phones (especially smart phones) can […]

Iraq Situation Shows Tough Odds .. But Not Impossible

iraq situation

  Statistically, the entire Iraq situation and the odds of a brighter future for the country over the next 10 years, with or without The United States intervention in any degree, ranges from not so probable to significantly unlikely according to a hybrid team of analysts.  A specialized analysis group using the same principles some […]

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