BEFORE Upgrading Internet Plan ..New Modem: SB6141 May Solve Issue

before upgrading internet plan motorola 6141 modem

Before Upgrading Internet .. Investigate Buying a New Modem. If Speeds Seem Slow Or Your Service Is Choppy… see the Motorola SB6141 – It may be all you really need to do.


BEFORE upgrading your current Internet plan with your service provider we recommend getting a new modem if yours is older. It could solve your issues if your having slow speeds (provided your PC is running ok). At the very least it should help things out.. from a little bit to solving the entire issue at hand. In fact, we can <almost guarantee> it will at least improve your throughput, streaming, smoothness (data flow) by at least a small degree if your modem is over four years old. How? DOCSIS (Data over Cable Service Interface Specification) is a series of telecommunication standards for the use of Internet access via the use of cable TV lines (often involving coaxial cable) with each standard involving downloading/uploading speed variations and different data transfer capabilities. DOCSIS 3.o eclipsed DOCSIS 2.0 and this was indeed a major improvement for Internet access speeds.

The DOCSIS 3.0 standard was first introduced in 2006, however many of the cable companies continued implementing/using DOCSIS 2.0 modems for four or five years afterward. This modem, the DOCSIS 3.0 uses several (eight channels) channels for downloading/streaming and 4 (four channels for uploads) for uploading. Additionally, DOCSIS 3.0 can handle encryption and incorporates something called channel bonding. Channel bonding is key to increased speed while cruising the internet or sending something over the Internet during busy network times or in times of congestion. The DOCSIS 2.0 standard could only make use of one channel at a time.

DOCSIS 3.0 can make use of multiple channels, combining theme (bonding) if a certain channel becomes congested. This means more speed and better throughput for customers. The cable company and Internet Service Providers often try to persuade customers to upgrade their plan, meaning moving to a different tier after checking to see if the modem is at least working properly be it an older modem or new one. A better option, would first be to  get a DOCSIS 3.0 or higher modem if your modem is a little older.

For what your getting, at the moment is the Motorola  SB6141 for right around $80.00 is perhaps the most solid deal. It is built on the DOCSIS 3.0 standard (naturally) and has an internal folter to eliminate interfearance, which also incrweases performance. Motorola’s name and quality is generally quite sound and the Motorola 6141 will easily work with computers using Windows, Mac-Apple, Linux, UNIX etc. and almost any home networking application. The Motorola 6141 has excellent reviews and we can attest there is a definite improvement from watching videos to cruising to different web pages.

The Motorola DOCSIS 6141 was extremely easy to set up. In fact, you should be all done with connecting it within 5 minutes flat. There is no real configuration .. By simply connecting the right cables to the right ports and at the very most restarting your computer (but most of the time that is not necessary) your up and rolling. If you feel comfy with the steps below (which is very basic, easy, and requires no guesswork even for novice users) you can hook up your new Modem with no head aches and very fast. Within 5 minutes fast … literally:

1. Plug electricity outlet in wall.

2. Connect outlet cord to port on modem

3. Screw/connect the coaxile cable into the coax port on the modem.

4. Connect one RJ-45 connector (cat cable connector) to port on modem. Connect other RJ-45 connector to your router (if you have a router) and if you do not have a router simply connect the other end of the Cat cable to the Network port on your PC.

5. At the very most you will have to restart your computer (normally simply opening a new browser window will do the trick).

If you are renting your modem .. or your modem is an older model and the Internet speeds are not as good as you’d like them to be you should consider buying the Motorola DOCSIS 6141 Modem. for the solidity and performance of the modem, along with the Motorola brand the price is right. One of the main benefits we noticed was it’s increased speed when playing video’s or streaming audio. The media started faster, stayed smooth (zero choppyiness), and when moving the place marker the video was almost instantly where we moved the place holder too without needing to wait 4 or 5 seconds. It was more like 1.5-2. this may not seem like a major difference but consider it handles the task twice as fast.. as if there was an actual increase in the video buffer size.

If your modem is older and /or a DOCSIS 2.0 the Motorola 6141 will increase your speeds (from a tad…to a significant change in speed both uploading and in downloading), curb bottlenecks and provide better streaming performance. If your computer is healthy it may be wise to get a new modem  BEFORE considering to upgrade your service for a higher price each month. Factually, by choosing not to rent the cable companies modem anymore you may actually SAVE money after the course of a year and from then onward… all without ever needing to upgrade your service.

See The 6141 and it’s reviews (which are quite good.. as we experienced) for right around $80-85.00 dollars: Motorola HIGH SPEED SB 6141 Modem



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