It’s That Time Of Year .. Bilderberg Meeting Underway

Bilderberg Meeting Underway

It’s that Time Of Year Again .. Bilderberg Meeting Underway in Denmark Until June 3, 2014.


What is it?:

It’s that time of year again, late Spring .. Horse Racing, Baseball, Flowers .. The Bilderberg Meeting. In case your not aware of what The Bilderberg Group is and familiar of it’s annual meeting we’ll fill you in before getting to this years festivities. Every year, since 1954 120-150 of the worlds most powerful individuals including High Government Officials, heads of media, major political figures, CEO’s of the largest banking/financial institutions, energy industry big-wigs and the big shots of the major tech organizations meet at a location, usually a 5 star luxury hotel mostly  in various locations throughout the world (many times in Europe).  The meeting has been occurring every late spring for over six decades.

The concept is to hold a completely private set of discussions concerning what these had picked luminaries feel are the world’s most important affairs. Major figure heads, and the most powerful global heavy weights world wide are the only folks on the roster which ranges from select Presidents of the United States, to Oil Tycoons, to Software Giant CEO’s, to Leaders of NATO .. the list goes on and on.

These specially selected individuals are chosen each year by The folks who essential run The Bilderberg club. It is their Steering Committee. The Steering Committe’s members are not always disclosed but the head of The Bilderberg’s Steering Committee is now open to the public. The current head of The Steering Committee is an individual named Henri de La Croix de Castries, a French Business Man who is the CEO of a French Global Investment, Retirement and Insurance Firm known as  AXA S.A.  Assets for the company and it’s financial sectors  are listed at over 700 billion dollars.  De La Croix Castries and his family are firmly rooted in French Royalty and he has been the head of the Bilderberg Group Steering Committee for the last 13 years.

The individuals chosen by the Steering Committee meet at a public location but are hidden away, out of access via loads of hired security along with immediate general law enforcement on the outskirts of the meeting grounds. The meeting is completely private, meaning no camera’s or audio recording, no journalists or reporters llowed on the grounds, and documentation or records of the meetings are not accessible before or after the meeting…  The meetings, while often having some of the biggest major news and media king pins in attendance are so sparsely covered (in fact the meeting or any mentions of the group are mostly left out of the news completely) the majority have no idea about the group at all (seems sort of odd.. dunnit?).

Major written publications, the big news outlets, and television/radio programming largely turn a blind eye to the organization and it’s big late spring endevour.  Bilderberg members (specifically chosen individuals each year by the steering committee) meet once a year and discuss their candid insight on all the issues of the world. The lions share of these power folks are from North America and Europe. “Supposedly” (mind you, this is coming from their public statement on the description of the meetings and this is not verifiable) there is no real objective to any of the meetings and their is no voting or formal introduction to proposed solutions to the topics covered at the meetings …that being the world’s most important situations.

Each year the meetings have a list of main topics to be covered spanning from economic endeavors, law and regulation, energy and military operations. Officially (if their is a possible “official” concerning something that so discreet in it’s operation) Bilderberg maintains there is no actual formal topic list for the meetings and there is no official protocol adopted stemming from any of the meetings .. others strongly disagree insisting an unforgiving global agenda via a distinct guide line is set to order every year or at least agreed upon at each meeting.

The long list of powerful people that have attended the meetings over the course of it’s existence is a complete “who’s who” in terms of power and influence on a global level.  Various big name players have been confirmed as being on the guest list.  Confirmed attendees such as Bill Clinton, Winston Church Hill,  King Juan Carlos of Spain, Josef Ackermann, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezoz, Eric Schmidt, and George Stephenapoulas (journalist) are to name a few.

Most major names have been rumored or unconfirmed as being in attendance yet lack 100% confirmation as those previously mentioned. It is thought many of the individuals who are rumored to have attended were brought in by the cover of night and have their schedules adjusted to be listed as on an undisclosed order of business, or personal vacation in evading confirmation of attendance. The meetings usually last 5 days and are scheduled around the end of may or beginning of June each and every year since 1954.

The first Bilderberg meetings were conceived to provide private talks with Europe and North America in providing a means to stopping anti-Americanism (hostility toward American economic, cultural, and governmental philosophy) which was a movement in Europe in the late 40’s and early 1950’s. The meeting was designed to mend the movement and provide an open forum for it’s members to discuss curbing that mind set and western European motion (an earlier attempt at globalism?). However, the group has taken on a much more worldy mind set in the years to come usually having members from several continents and various countries.

Much controversy and dark mystique have surrounded the meetings over the years due to the secrecy and list of power player attendees. Protestors feel the meetings have an agenda, a definite plan of action (some of this agenda they claim as harmful, deceptive or of purpose in controlling of the masses) in which citizens of the world have a right to be informed.

Throughout the history of the clubs existence the transition to becoming valid, credible news has been pretty scant. The Bilderberg Meeting’s (also known as “the Bilderberg Club”, and “The Bilderbergs”) might get an actual Newspaper to mention the group or a meeting every blue moon in the 1970’s. In the 1980’s a national TV show actually spoke of it very briefly. In the 90’s it was confirmed as being a legitimate meeting but no inside information was available. Here we are in 2014 and 60 years after these meetings began we actually have sparse (yet unofficial) topics of what is to be covered inside. We’re getting there .. .. slowly:


The Strange:

Until the past 10 years nobody involved in the Bilderberg group or any of it’s members could even acknowledge it’s existence. Media outlets that rarely mentioned the possibility of The Bilderberg Meetings throughout the first 35 years completely denied it’s existence all together. It was reported as .. a fairy tale that had no basis. It has only been in the past 10 years that the Bilderberg group has been addressed more commonly.

No member is permitted to discuss what is talked about, or permitted to comment on any details of the meetings internal assembly or protocol. Actually the majority of attendees have blew off independent agencies or conspiracy theorists when given direct questions about the group, it’s existence, or whether or not they were there. Most attendees by-pass the question, or simply walk the other way (again .. sorta strange isn’t it?).

No Press, or intermediary party is allowed on the grounds, or should have access to any details of the topics or discussions held inside. The Meetings have their own hired security and the meetings. they are fenced/roped off to the press and to the public. Nobody…N-O-B-O-D-Y has ever gained access to the meetings who was not supposed to be in attendance. Special Staff is called in and used in providing services to the meeting (food – lodging detail etc.) who are not permitted to discuss any of the meetings. The special staff is brought in to maintain the meetings privacy integrity.

Lastly .. it’s barely covered by the media. Meaning, although it cannot be denied these meetings are held every year at this point, still the major media outlets coverage ranges from minimal to non-existent.

Consider that major heads of media are often involved/included on the guest list. With that said, how would a meeting of the most powerful individuals from politics, energy, the military, business and banking get side-stepped repeatedly by major media networks and almost all major media publications year after year? If 120-150 of the worlds most popular celebrities met to spend a work week together every year at a grand five star hotel the media would be consumed with the event. Here we have 120-150 of the most powerful/influential people in the entire world doing exactly that ..yet year after year the media denied it’s existence and as of now coverage is so sparse and minimal  a large portion of the general public has not even heard of The Bilderberg Group.


This Year:

This year the meeting is held in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Marriott Hotel from May 29 until June 3 2014.  There are a few leakings of this years agenda that have surfaced. The most credible items that are to be the meetings focus this year is based on source reliability and this years particular guest list and are as follows (but are unconfirmed):

1. Cyber Warfare – The dangers of it and how Internet Regulation will come into play in the over all scope of things pertaining to it.

2. The European Union and it’s Internet Policies – The EU Internet Policies on the Internet that are to be implemented in conjunction to how this should or will affect US Internet Regulations.

3. Nuclear Affairs between Russia and China – Will Iran get involved and will this be a wind down or wind up?

4. The American Dollar – How Russia and China will ultimately try to become less dependent on The American Dollar via new energy protocols.

5. Climate Change – What is the extent of Climate Change? What’s to be done about climate change and how can or will this effect the economies of the world.


*Well … we now have some media finally providing coverage on the controversial Bilderberg Group and it’s annual meeting, although pretty sparsely with minimal information ( .. well besides What is most encouraging in the last year or two is that we are actually beginning to obtain a little insight from select folks who have a slight inside track on the indoor situation concerning at least some items to be covered for a change. It isn’t a 700 page official documentation with a video diary, but after 60 long, frustrating years.. it’s a start –




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