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It’s That Time Of Year .. Bilderberg Meeting Underway

Bilderberg Meeting Underway

It’s that Time Of Year Again .. Bilderberg Meeting Underway in Denmark Until June 3, 2014.   What is it?: It’s that time of year again, late Spring .. Horse Racing, Baseball, Flowers .. The Bilderberg Meeting. In case your not aware of what The Bilderberg Group is and familiar of it’s annual meeting we’ll […]

No Secret Conspiracy or Cover-up in Flight 370 ..


It would certainly make interesting news that there is a conspiracy or cover-up which occurred, or is ongoing concerning the search and/or disappearance of Malaysia Airlines, Flight 370. However, simply because a scenario can be interesting, doesn’t mean it is the most probable. Realistically, the disappearance of Flight 370 is due to inadequate tracking technologies […]

Bill Clinton’s Quick Take on Aliens: In Two Parts..

Bill Clinton 2

On a recent appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, former President Bill Clinton said (Part 1.) That while in office he had his team did some research to make sure there was no aliens at Area 51 (the controversial, much classified US Airbase in the Nevada, Desert). Mr. Clinton jokingly made a remark giving a […]

The Gullible Mind.. Is It Actually Mental Programming?..

brain persuation

 “The Gullible Mind”:  Is it an actual “condition” (not an illness) based on a trained (programed) brain? The premise is that over half of the public easily believes a story, or generally buys into information as being factual, or the truth of a matter, solely based on ..who.. is reporting and/or saying it.. as opposed […]

Rush Limbaugh Claims Donald Sterling Was “Set-Up” ..

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh claims former NBA Clipper’s owner, Donald Sterling, who made candid remarks to his lady friend appearing with folks of African American descent was “set-up”. Limbaugh says the franchise wanted rid of Sterling.  The remarks Sterling made in his conversation with his female friend, though very candid,  did at times appear to stem from […]

Diamonds Stigma and Pricing is Based On a Facade

diaminds stigma and prices 02

    Did you know that diamonds are not really rare. Diamonds are not hard to unearth. Diamonds are actually fairly plentiful in places. Their whopping price tag comes not from any short supply, or in mining them. Instead, most of the high cost of diamonds is due to a left over grand scale set […]

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