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NY Banks Use Databases to Weed Out Potential Customers

ny banks use databases

Have The Banks Pushed Their Screening Tools too Far? NY Banks Use Databases to Filter Out Applicants/Potential Customers Who Were Not Fraud Related:   Major banking institutions such as Capital One, JPMorgan and Bank of America were screening applicants using a large database that was intended to find or detect people who practiced fraud in […]

Economy Improving ..? Yes ..BUT Not Optimally

is the economy improving

  Is The Economy Improving ? We’ll Let You Know What We Think On The Subject but Importantly.. After The Read… Let Us Know What Your Thoughts Are .. It’s the start of the summer in 2014 and the stats are coming in: The American Stock Exchange Markets are doing fantastic. Corporate balance sheets aren’t […]

World’s First Open Source Car : Tesla

open source car

Tesla Releases It’s Patents In Making Worlds First Open Source Car   In an unheard of move, Tesla Motors announced today (Thursday, June 12, 2014) it is releasing all of it’s electric car patents to other car makers. No, this is not a joke, and it’s not a misprint. The electric car company has even […]

Dollar Stores Become New Norm. DG Lowering Prices Again

dollar stores new norm

Yes Dollar Stores Become New Norm .. However Walmart Pulls Some Customers Away For a Spell.. Now Dollar General Is Going To Lower Their Prices Again In Trying to Pull Folks Back! Dollar Stores become new norm unlike during the 1980’s, when kids made fun of a person, or their buddies parents for buying generic […]

It’s That Time Of Year .. Bilderberg Meeting Underway

Bilderberg Meeting Underway

It’s that Time Of Year Again .. Bilderberg Meeting Underway in Denmark Until June 3, 2014.   What is it?: It’s that time of year again, late Spring .. Horse Racing, Baseball, Flowers .. The Bilderberg Meeting. In case your not aware of what The Bilderberg Group is and familiar of it’s annual meeting we’ll […]

Former Microsoft CEO Ballmer Buying Clippers ..

microsoft ceo ballmer buys clippers

Former Microsoft CEO Ballmer Buying Clippers .. “IF” .. The NBA ‘s Main Organizing Members and It’s Commissioner Approve The Deal:   Dynamically spirited, intensely enthusiastic, and as even some have stated ..  slightly nutty (in using the term “nutty” as a figure of speech) former Microsoft CEO Ballmer is quite close to purchasing the […]

VA Health Care Story in 6 Minutes Flat = It’s No Joke


  Quickly (but not to slight it): The basics/basis about what occurred, and is on-going in the recent Veterans / VA Health Care Story that may be a real scandal .. depending on how things continue to unfold: Recently, up and coming late show host Stephen Colbert mocked the latest possible scandal involving American Veterans […]

Different Kind of Meteor Shower “Possible” TONIGHT


  *Please Note: While we all hope for a great show in the sky tonight, understand that as well as the astronomical society are for the most part ..unsure.. (but a dazzling show is at least in the realm of good possibility) of what we will actually see this evening. How much, and how […]

No Secret Conspiracy or Cover-up in Flight 370 ..


It would certainly make interesting news that there is a conspiracy or cover-up which occurred, or is ongoing concerning the search and/or disappearance of Malaysia Airlines, Flight 370. However, simply because a scenario can be interesting, doesn’t mean it is the most probable. Realistically, the disappearance of Flight 370 is due to inadequate tracking technologies […]

New Band, The Kongos .. Sound to Spread ..

New Sound The Kongos

  Music News by .. Ian Billen ~ If you have been hankering something a bit more interesting in today’s top 40 rotation, a word of good news. There’s a forward sound that is likely to spread, and it’s getting much closer than simply hanging fire out there at the edge of the horizon. In […]

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