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Mystery Blob Off Coast, In Gulf Of Mexico Likely Solved

blob off coast

“Blob off coast Mystery” solved (most likely). The image of the large blob that is seen above was taken from an underwater camera attached to an oil rig in The Gulf of Mexico two years ago. In April 2012, the blob baffled the public.  This blob did more than simply float on by… it seemed […]

Mummy Corpse Discovered In Ohio ..Young Boy Shaken

mummy corpse discovered

        Image is courtesy of CNN News- As younger boys do, one investigated an abandoned house in his neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio this week. This particular boy got much more than he bargained for… After getting into the house which was over grown with weeds and exuding many citations stamped to the homes front door […]

Coincidence: Pilot Has Fiery Crash Into Former Home

coincidence: pilot crashes into former home

In a strange coincidence, a plane pilot towing along a Geico advertisement banner attached to his plane had an odd, and unfortunate coincidence this early May, 2014. The pilot Brian Veatchi, was flying a plane doing a special job in advertising a Geico Insurance banner over baseball stadium Coors Field, during The Colorado Rockie’s baseball […]

Strange, Unexplained Sounds Reported All Over World..


Strange sounds, having no reasonable explanation, from an odd low frequency hum, to trumpets are being reported all over the world. Many people are reporting something even stranger sounds without being able to identify the source.  Such things as scraping on metal, and sounds of crashing waves  (in which there is no body of water […]

Seeing Ghosts: Is There A Solid Scientific Explanation? ..


See ghosts? There may be a medical reason – NBC News Oct 29, 2009 … Diane Mapes writes:Spooky footsteps, faint figures, the feeling of being watched – these unsettling signs of a ghost are as familiar to us as the …The Science Behind Why People See Ghosts – Skeptics Society Nov 21, 2013 … […]

So If Alien’s Exist .. Grey, White, or Purple Colored .. What Are The Differences?


Do Aliens Exist? Three Prominent Alien Types Exposed The most well-known of alien types, the grey alien is typically described as a … Some accounts have described them as having 3 to 4 fingers, webbed … (think lizards & snakes) while others are described as white with flaming slits for pupils.   FacebookTwitterGoogle+E-mailReddit

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