Bill Clinton’s Quick Take on Aliens: In Two Parts..

Bill Clinton's quick take on aliens

On a recent appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, former President Bill Clinton said (Part 1.) That while in office he had his team did some research to make sure there was no aliens at Area 51 (the controversial, much classified US Airbase in the Nevada, Desert). Mr. Clinton jokingly made a remark giving a strong indication that in fact, to his research efforts, there are no living or dead aliens housed anywhere at the base. However, Mr. Clinton did go on to say (Part 2.) that he actually wouldn’t be surprised if we were visited one day. Clinton closed the statement with his ever present, quick sense of humor: ““If we were visited someday I wouldn’t be surprised. I just hope it’s not like ‘Independence Day”  (if someone you know is saying they think aliens visit them, or claim to have issues of the paranormal, ya might wanna check the detector below.. after your done with this presidential snippet).

It seems that while the notion is a bit wild, Bill Clinton didn’t discount the idea of a possible visit at some point and time. Area 51 may be top secret, and odd, but to President Clinton’s testimony there are no aliens. On the same token, it didn’t appear the former President discounted the idea of alien existence. Kimmel went on to joke that President Clinton and Fox Conservative Bill O’reily, could possibly  get stuck in a bunker together should the situation occur. Mr. Clinton joked back the statement off in saying at that point and time he wouldn’t care.

OK … If UFO’s, an Alien Presence, Ghosts/Paranormal Entities strongly interests, or is bothering a friend… ya may want to check out this all-in-one, higher quality (but affordable) electromagnetic, microwave, and radio frequency detector (electromagnetics are said to be heavily affected or used which causes engines to stall, lights to dim, radio’s to turn off etc. near UFO encounters and among all sorts of paranormal activity) below. Possibly, it is merely florescent lighting or a kitchen microwave that is causing home disturbances, as opposed to aliens or ghosts? Maybe not?.. First, a little electromagnetic, microwave, and radio wave testing is necessary to determine if these forces exist and where they are coming from say the experts in this type of stuff.

*Amazon has possibly the best rated one for the money and it’s by Trifield for right around $130-140 bucks. It is supposed to be darn accurate and it answered all kinds of questions by worried people after they used it as you can see in the reviews. Check it here: Problem solving EMF/Microwave/Radio Frequency Detector









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