Former Microsoft CEO Ballmer Buying Clippers ..

microsoft ceo ballmer buying clippers

Former Microsoft CEO Ballmer Buying Clippers .. “IF” .. The NBA ‘s Main Organizing Members and It’s Commissioner Approve The Deal:


Dynamically spirited, intensely enthusiastic, and as even some have stated ..  slightly nutty (in using the term “nutty” as a figure of speech) former Microsoft CEO Ballmer is quite close to purchasing the Clippers from Donald Sterling’s family. The agreement is in place and the transaction seems to be almost a certainty. Sterling’s family (Donald Sterling was recently more or less forced to step down from being the actual owner of the Professional Los Angeles Basketball Team over a controversial situation in which he was unknowingly taped by a friend while discussing her public associations with African Americans) have signed to sell the professional basketball team to a pretty significant individual as of Thursday (5-29-2014).

Shelly Sterling, Donald Sterling’s wife, is now technically the executor of the team because Donald Sterling was deemed mentally unfit, and was ruled incapacitated from making decisions for a family Trust which actually held the team franchise. This cleared the way for his wife to sell the team without his immediate authority. The team was officially agreed to be sold to prior Microsoft Ultra Big Wig Steve Ballmer on May 29, 2014 after the family finally decided that at the moment, a lawsuit against the NBA for it’s recent stipulations due to the scandal would be too troublesome to battle out in court.

The former CEO of Microsoft is going to shell out a whopping 2 Billion dollars to fully secure the deal. Ballmer reportedly bid on the the deal along with some other big money players (Tony Ressler and an organized assembly that included David Geffen as a main member). The Sterling’s (technically not Donald Sterling.. but trust executor Shelly Sterling) agreed to Ballmer’s 2 billion dollar bid which out-weighed the closest competitor by 200-400 million dollars! Both parties have now signed preliminary paperwork.

The huge buy is not exactly 100% final as NBA (National Basketball Association) approval is the remaining step which will ultimately seal-the-deal. However, the NBA authorities seem very likely to “ok it” and it appears The Clippers will have a brand new owner quite soon.  As a prior news worthy corporate head honcho, we’ve saw Steve Ballmer get pretty darn super-charged in the past speaking in interviews and when on stage talking about various software products or services from Tech Giant, Microsoft Corporation. One can only imagine what he’ll do over a winning basket in a close Los Angeles Clippers play-off game in the middle of twenty thousand screaming fans ..


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Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft. FORTUNE — Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer appears on track to buy the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team for $2 billion following the forced sale by owner Donald Sterling, …

Report: Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wins Clippers …
The bidding war for the Los Angeles Clippers is now over, according to James Rainey of the L.A. Times, after former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made an offer to buy the franchise from Donald Sterling for $2 billion.





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