The Gullible Mind.. Is It Actually Mental Programming?..

gullible mind

 “The Gullible Mind”:  Is it an actual “condition” (not an illness) based on a trained (programed) brain? The premise is that over half of the public easily believes a story, or generally buys into information as being factual, or the truth of a matter, solely based on ..who.. is reporting and/or saying it.. as opposed to the story (or concept) itself.

The concept is that most of the public is trained to believe concepts or stories based on ..other people’s opinions.. as opposed to using their “own thought process” or executing their own diligent research on the topic at hand. This psychological frame of mind is an actual condition based on years of environmental influence/programing. For example, when an individual in some sort of authority informs, or believes something …the trained/programed person in turn, automatically believes it, or follows that concept and mind-set on the subject without actually investigating it personally or reasoning the subject themselves.

The study suggests that News Anchors, Authority Figures, Medical Professionals, Police, so called experts etc. could actually report “impossible” concepts (for ex: Such as initially reporting Bin Laden was killed by The Easter Bunny and not our military) and a significant percentage of the public would actually start to buy into that very concept over time.. More information on a gullible mind the story below from

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The gullible mind could actually be a medical condition .. not simply a personality trait.


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