AT LAST.. Analog Tape With The Conveinience of Pro Tools: CLASP

Photography by:  Jake Harsh

Analog tape meets and forms a partnership with The Professional Digital Recording Software, Pro Tools in one system. All the sound and authenticity using actual, true analog tape and the benefits of using digital recording software to edit, change, and record in “real time”.  Many folks in the professional audio recording field were waiting for something such as this and a system known as CLASP has made that hopeful desire a modern day reality.  *Producer, Ian Billen, calls the product an “audio recording amphibian” concerning a single system which has the ability to make use of recording the actual audio to the wonderful sounding medium of analog tape, while having the advantages (90% of the advantages I. Billen claims) of the digital recording software, Pro Tools at the very same time.  He, for one, could not be happier with the new technology. Billen explains it’s design protocol ..”You can actually operate with ‘almost’ all the options and speed of a DAW, while recording to Analog Tape. The system time-corrects audio signals from your mic preamps, and the DAW records through the CLASP to tape, which is sent off to the playback head at the deck which is in repro mode. With the delay CLASP time-corrects and time-stamps without even the real need for SMPTE Time Code”. Later he closes that portion of the conversation with saying, “It’s a beautiful… ‘work-around’… so to speak and it’s a fantastic arrangement because of that”.  Below are the best articles we have encountered concerning CLASP, from Endless Analog.

CLASP enables the rich, thick sound using actual analog tape with 90% of the benefits of having recording/editing software in implementing Pro Tools into one recording platform:


CLASP The Sound of What’s Been Missing « Endless Analog
CLASP currently allows your Pro Tools or Nuendo/Cubase DAW (other DAW support is being talked about but not available as yet) to integrate a number of …

Endless Analog CLASP – Sound On Sound
This is where Endless Analog’s CLASP system comes in, because it offers an …. For Pro Tools systems, Endless Analog recommend at least an HD2 system …

Endless Analog – Clyne Media, Inc.
CLASP is the critically acclaimed professional audio product that invisibly merges real Analog Tape with Pro Tools and other DAWs. It provides an elegant …


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