Success in Lottery Is NOT Luck .. It’s Math. This Approach Got Solid Reviews.

lottery is not based on luck

Winning the Lottery has nothing to do with luck, intuition, or premonition. If you play the lottery and your not satisfied with your results, or your not even coming as close as you’d like… as often as you’d like, take 15 minutes of valuable time to read this article and invest at least $30.00 in what we’ve investigated (and reviewed) in order to significantly increase your chances versus continuing to shell out dollars while playing with the worst handicap:

By reading this it is safe to assume your a player of the lottery. If you’ve spent months, or years playing the lottery with little success there is almost certainly good reason for that. Although our reviews are generally slightly on the shorter side, they are researched and in turn.. we stick to the points you need to know so we will come right out and tell you why your not hitting the lottery (or not hitting as nearly as much as you’d like over the past).

The explanation is nothing you have not heard before. There is no secret lucky formula that produces winning numbers. We do not mean to be harsh, or insensitive to your number picking techniques however we must be direct. There is no magic involved. Playing select numbers based on birthdays, anniversaries, age etc. are a complete waste of time (and money). Lottery numbers are not produced due to dreams. Winning Lottery numbers are not pulled/produced because of intuition. Winning Lottery numbers are NOT drawn based upon luck .. there are no lucky numbers … Actually, there is no luck involved in hitting the lottery what-so-ever.

Throw all of that out of the window and forget about it for 15 minutes and read. Ok now that we have that out of the way we will tell you exactly what the lottery numbers that are drawn every day, week, or month are based on:

1. The law of probability (math based)

2. Odds (math based)

3. History (in direct relation to mathematical odds)

That is it. In short, lottery numbers are pulled based on how less than a hand full of aspects. many number variations, what numbers have been pulled recently (and in the past), and the odds as to what numbers will be drawn in the future based on the key factors. The numbers that are chosen and in what variations determine the numbers that should be showing up in new drawings. The total number of possible variations determines the odds of new numbers being drawn in conjunction with numbers already pulled within said time frame. You see, it is all mathematics and odds based on the history of that lottery. Nothing more.

With that said, you can get well ahead of the game if you forget your previous number choosing methods if that isn’t working for you as well as you’d like and go with something based scientific mathematical reality (note: we certainly are not trying to slight, or insult the intelligence of any of our readers. This is certainly not our objective). So how do we determine the odds of what numbers are to be pulled, where they are pulled, how often, and hone in on numbers that are most probable to surface in the lottery your playing? To be blunt and to make it as easy as possible the answer is that computers could be helping you with all this number crunching. We now have the fabulous luxury of computer algorithms (an algorithm is basically a software set of instructions that produce a specific result) to factor in all of the above to get much closer, and/or hopefully spot-on!!

How do we take advantage of this? Well one can can buy a software program to help us with this. However the programs you can buy on CD/DVD. flash drives, or by download from the Internet are not always able to be updated. Purchasing a program could prove to become outdated over time when other, more powerful versions released. As well, our computers at home may not be able to take full advantage of the software algorithms because of lack of adequate processing power.

Once again, there is good news. There is a more optimal solution to getting a specifically designed set of algorithms to produce likely lottery results other than having to use your own computer.. and it “can” (depending on the service) be fun. Some websites sell memberships in which they do all the powerful processing themselves. You get the benefit of the latest and greatest software and it doesn’t take up a ton of hard disc space or take on a huge processing footprint at your home PC. They do all the work for you…

Lottery Winning Formula (there’s a link to them at the end of the article after your finished reading) is an EXTREMELY comprehensive website that uses special computer algorithms that factors in all variables from lottery’s from all over the world. Their software programs mathematically factor (via algorithms) what the odds are for certain numbers based on the total possible outcomes, what has been pulled in the past, and what should be drawn within the near future. The company has satisfied customers all over The United States, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The company has of the best ratings for websites that are based on this purpose and they are not ridiculous in membership fees (in fact a lifetime membership is only around $120.00). The image below is a link to their website … but there’s a bit more we should explain.. so keep reading below the image for right now.

If your playing the lottery the odds are already quite long against you. Getting something to greatly put the odds more so in your favor is the most sensible way to get closer to winning. For $10-30 dollars a month, or a $9.99 per month fee with a once paid – $119.99 buying option you can have access to the website in order to get all the various calculations of all major lotteries. Network servers (powerful computers designed to share / store information or provide a service to clients) do all the high end number crunching so your home PC can’t get bogged down as if you bought a program to do it.

If your not winning, or at least not coming close now and again to winning you may want to try them out for two or three months before placing/buying a one time installment of $120.00 membership package. At any rate their service is specifically designed to SIGNIFICANTLY increase your chances of winning and the main concept to that is to put the odds much more in your favor from pick 4, 5, and 6 number combination lotteries as opposed to picking numbers based on an ideology that has nothing to do with what numbers are more likely to be drawn.

“LotteryWinningFormula”(.com) is said to be a fun place to log-in every day, and from our investigation it greatly helps increase your chances rather than playing based on nothing of substance, or basing number selections on superstition. Reviews for the website and it’s service are good, and their service seems to be of the best price for everything it entails. Users of the website and it’s calculative services say … it not only helps them chose better numbers .. they claim it’s entertainingly interesting. There are many details their algorithm produces such as hot numbers, cold numbers, overdue numbers, section and area analysis… etc. The website is reputable for safe transactions and the interface is quite easy for anyone to pick-up on.

One thing is for certain, this will certainly help place the odds much more in your favor because it is based on simple math (well … actually perhaps the math is not so simple… there are loads of variations.. which is why you’ll let the companies computer programs/hardware take care of all the number crunching). They’ve sold well world wide in their three membership packages and the software they use is rated quite high, especially considering the price of their membership fees ($10-30 dollars a month depending on your membership term… unless of coarse you choose the $120.00 lifetime option). As was stated it may be wise to try them out for two or three months before choosing the full $120.00 package.

It is likely you will at least have much closer to winning results with this service. Nobody here at Latest Buzz is saying you’ll certainly win and/or become the next multimillionaire. However and with that said, if you play the lottery fairly often, why not make sure you are placing the odds in your favor as much as possible versus constantly playing with the most poor winning potential. Fully optimize your winning chances if your spending a fair amount of cash on the lottery over a period of time because we will be honest in telling you as you surely already understand … winning the lottery is difficult enough. You can check out our recommendation for the website and their service at in the image in the center of our article just above or simply link from right here:Solid Reviews On This Winning Lottery Formula Website

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