New High Tech Mick Jagger Wax Figure Amazes Onlookers

mick jagger wax

New Technology Design Team Produces a Mick Jagger Wax Model That’s So Lifelike, It’s Considered The Most Realistic Wax Figure To Date ..

The most real life bearing wax figure that’s ever been designed was recently unveiled. The cutting edge wax model is of The Rolling Stones lead singer and front man, Mick Jagger. The artistic marvel was newly displayed at the grand opening at The Musée Grévin Museum in the city of Prague, which is the capital city of The Czech Republic .. a small country (republic) in Central Europe between Germany and Poland. The painstakingly detailed new age wax statue was presented to the public for the very first time at the organization’s new location during their grand opening ceremony. The visitors looked on flabbergasted at the realism and great attention to detail the replica exudes.

mick jagger wax figure

An entire team of only the most esteemed and talented designers was used in conjunction with the  most advanced wax design technology in existence in creating the figure. Contrary to what one might assume, computer software was not at the core of this project. Much of the new age bust was crafted by way of using countless picture references via the very best wax sculpture artists in the world. By the careful judgment of their specialized eyes and hands, came a wax figurine that is certain to more than simply impress anyone who gets to see it.  The brand new Mick Jagger wax figure had an entire specialized team consisting of physical analysts, professional wig makers, hair stylists, and expert molders in making every detail as accurate to the real life build and characteristic of the rock star as humanly possible (some pun intended).

mick jagger wax statue
mick jagger wax person

The result is shocking. Patrons who were fortunate enough to attend the grand opening at the renowned museum looked on in astonishment. The Musée Grévin has a total of three location’s and the establishment as a whole has been in operation since  since 1882. Their most recent grand opening featured the likes of 80 different famous entertainment and cultural icons such as Elvis Presley, Andy Warhol, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Chaplin, Mahatma Gandhi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and as is the main focus here, Mick Jagger.

mick jagger wax figure

The new location of the renowned Museum at their Prague location (in the European based Czech Republic) open’s at 10am and closes at 7pm daily. Tickets are at 430 crowns as of the spring of 2014… which is just under $22.00 American dollars. The museum is the most cutting edge in wax model replication in the world. Affairs are so high-tech at this place that museum patrons actually have the option of getting a virtual 3D wax model hologram of themselves presented at a select spot inside while they attend! As of right now, a total of 80 famous figures are on display at this intriguingly creepy, yet extradinary showcase. While all the wax characters on display are remarkable, due to the time and special attention given in their latest creation of The Rolling Stones lead, Jagger’s statue at the Grevin is easily the effigy that has been gripping the public most.

mick jagger wax figure model

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