Mummy Corpse Discovered In Ohio ..Young Boy Shaken

mummy corpse discovered        Image is courtesy of CNN News-

As younger boys do, one investigated an abandoned house in his neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio this week. This particular boy got much more than he bargained for… After getting into the house which was over grown with weeds and exuding many citations stamped to the homes front door (for being un-kept) the young boy finally made his way to the gloomy back bedroom of the supposedly unoccupied, shaded-in dwelling.  Crossing the bedroom floor he walked across the dust covered room to the far closet on the other side and opened it’s door. Inside hung the homes occupant, Edward Brunton who apparently committed suicide five years earlier!

The mummified corpse was basically still fleshy, and hanging from a belt in the “seemingly” abandon residence.  In a strange environmental scenario, the closet sealed out most elements that cause decay in standard situations. The closet served as a sort of sealed tomb that defied a normal decomposition.  Sunlight, humidity,  open air, most insects (and all animals) were shut out from the closet. The cool dry indoor climate of the home also helped preserve the body much more than normally would occur. By way of all these circumstances, the corpse appeared leather like, but mostly in tact as mummy’s often are found, versus anything skeletal or greatly reduced in size.

A short while later the boys mother,  Michelle McGrath, reluctantly went inside to investigate and assess the situation herself. She did not make it all the way into the back bedroom as her son did previously. The open closet door had now let out the very unpleasant smell of the mostly intact cadaver hanging inside. The boys mother didn’t need any sight verification based on what her nose was telling her. The boys Mother decided calling authorities immediately was the best plan of action as opposed to investigating onward and into the back bedroom as her son did.

Edward Brunton, a man with no real connections had apparently committed suicide in the bedroom roughly five years earlier. The man was estranged from his family and without any close friends or acquaintances that would notice him gone.  The Montgomery County authorities said they believe the man to have been dead since 2009. The body was so much in a fair condition for being deceased this long that a positive identification was actually made just from eye-sight alone by the man’s estranged brother who was called in to the situation. One thing is likely certain, this Dayton Ohio young-in, the one who discovered the hanging mummified corpse in the back bedroom of the dilapidated home will indeed think twice before snooping into supposedly unoccupied places in the future.


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