Mystery Blob Off Coast, In Gulf Of Mexico Likely Solved

blob off coast

“Blob off coast Mystery” solved (most likely). The image of the large blob that is seen above was taken from an underwater camera attached to an oil rig in The Gulf of Mexico two years ago. In April 2012, the blob baffled the public.  This blob did more than simply float on by… it seemed to have a life of it’s own and it’s rustic color further baffled viewers. However experts who recently took a close look at the creature determined it a rare breed of jellyfish that normally exists deep in the seas of the Artic. The jellyfish is said to be identified as the credeepstaria enigmatica. This is a Jellyfish with no back bone, and no stinging tentacles on it arms (as many jellyfish have).

blob off coast

The rare jellyfish has been identified over 100 times over the past 100 years according to experts. Though this image was taken about two years ago, it was snuffed and bypassed until it could further be analyzed/identified.  The expert opinion is in and though that doesn’t always mean that opinion is 100% accurate, Latest Buzz agrees to the notion that the image is more than likely a jellyfish. Any sort of whale placenta in which this blob could be would of most likely been devoured as food. As well, whale placenta’s do not “swim” as this object is said to have appeared to those that have the raw video  ..

Blob off coast of Mexico 2



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