No Secret Conspiracy or Cover-up in Flight 370 ..

secret conspiracy or cover-up in flight 370

It would certainly make interesting news that there is a conspiracy or cover-up which occurred, or is ongoing concerning the search and/or disappearance of Malaysia Airlines, Flight 370. However, simply because a scenario can be interesting, doesn’t mean it is the most probable. Realistically, the disappearance of Flight 370 is due to inadequate tracking technologies still implemented in the modern age. The participating government’s sub-active role in demanding major airline’s use proper, all inclusive location technologies that are not at the sole discretion of one person (pilot) or party (group) at any given time is the underlying cause as to why Flight 370 has never been recovered (as of May 18, 2014).

The often described ideology in that it was possible for the human race to place a man on the moon, following and monitoring his every move in doing such, some 230,000 miles through space to another body of land in 1969, yet we still have not implemented or corrected things surrounding planet Earth needs once again some strong consideration in this terrible missing plane occurrence.  To have this situation occur, in the manner it has even 15 years ago would be more than frustrating.

In trying not to overstate the previous thought, consider that we can track mobile phones within a certain number of feet, by satellite if necessary. One can purchase a GPS for under $100.00 that can track can your every right and left turn. We can monitor rocks in space thousands of miles away. We have video surveillance at your local 7-11 capturing the situation when one buys a pack of cigarettes. Why are no camera’s, at the very least installed in the cockpit of a multimillion dollar airline carrying hundreds of people 30,000 feet in the air? Forty-five years after man went to the moon, and over 50 years after the world’s first successful satellite, we still have no fool proof measures in place to track a jet airliner carrying 240 people over certain area’s in our oceans?

Instead, we often need to get physical hands on the sought black-boxes (flight recorders) in hopes to find out exactly what occurred in many of the air-line tragedies over the decades. This protocol for figuring out what took place on major airlines carrying hundreds of living, breathing human beings is incredibly inadequate. It is more than safe to say that by now, with all the incidents in aviation that involved absolutely needing to locate flight recorders (aka “the back boxes”), then forming an investigation relying on solely on those boxes is plainly ridiculous considering the technological capabilities that man has been capable of in the past 50 years.

Entities in charge of these regulations throughout each government that practices commercial flights, and the airlines themselves have purposefully turned their head’s with blind eye’s time and time again. The realization is that the enormous airline industry and all the dollars it generates get’s select leeway from regulatory agencies in passing over critical location necessities due to fear of pass-on cost that could interfere with the economic intensity of the passenger airline industry.

There is no, nor has there been any credible evidence to suggest there is a conspiracy or cover-up in the planes disappearance. There are many unanswered questions, but there is no testimony from any person, or any evidence what-so-ever suggesting the situation should at least point to a cover-up of any sort. Lack of unhindered tracking, null use of any video surveillance, and the missing aspect of proper ground flight-monitoring tools is the main component in why we have no definitive conclusion on the what and where concerning Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. This, combined with a lackluster initial investigation is the reality of why there is no definitive, much less general answer as to what occurred, or even where Flight 370 ended.

(In making a conscious effort to practice good manners in out testimony, we must honestly express to readers that very sadly, and tragically, Flight 370 is  indeed well beneath the surface of the ocean. expresses all aspects involving Flight 370 with nothing but respect, sympathy, and empathy to those that lost friends and love ones in these inexcusable circumstances).

Big bucks has taken importance over safety (as it often can). This is something in which we, as considerate level headed individuals need to finally loudly voice our acknowledgement and outrage. Losing a plane in such manner is a terrible misfortune but that misfortune is certainly not an impossibility. Truthfully, it was not even so much as improbable considering all the flights that occur around the world day after day, year after year.

For this type of situation to occur, the reality is that sooner or later it was quite likely, due to inadequate tracking and insufficient remote monitoring that could of long since been a non-issue.  The real question is this, when will there be a major change in ensuring that for such a situation to occur in the manner it has, because of reasons stated above that such a notion actually “would be” .. impossible?

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