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Pitchswag, the worlds first web based business incubator is set to go live this September. A business incubator is a program or organization that assists in or provides various services and resources to individual’s who have a business idea. As well, business incubators can offer their services to relatively new, existing businesses that are in need of certain detail. Unlike other programs and organizations a business incubator provides these things to “specific” applicants. An incubator does not offer it’s services to just any business/individual as do some other business assistance programs. Business incubators select their clients based on certain criteria. If approved an incubator can provide a myriad of services and resources such as: marketing assistance, training programs, loans, access to investors, business mentoring programs, financial and record keeping services and at times even physical space for their clients. Business incubators can also provide key access to capital from investors that are looking for start-up companies or businesses that are relatively new and wanting to grow. Until very recently all business incubators were brick and mortar establishments. These organizations certainly have organizational websites, but their actual services and main assistance endeavors were reliant in dealing with the “physical” realm of business interconnections. That has now changed. Meet Pitchswag …


online business incubator pitchswag


Pitchswag, is a new business incubator, which in itself puts the service in a category none other of their counter parts are a part of. You see, Pitchswag’s motto is “Change the Game” and in that they are forward thinking in a few different ways, but perhaps none more than in being primarily an online-only conglomerate (applications can be submitted at the end of this read). In that, this London based cooperative has indeed developed something that is quite resounding. The online community has been needing something along these lines for quite some time and now thankfully that need is going to be appropriately addressed. The company has been conceived by Emin Can Turan and Alina Bezuglova. Both of these professionals have an incredible amount of experience in almost every area that would surround this kind of undertaking. Turan is an accomplished entrepreneur with an  extensive background in market analysis, business strategy, and Internet Technologies. His academic accolades are numerous and his resume shows leadership roles ranging from working for Google in care of their Netherlands operations, to being a leading analyst at Valvoline (Ashland Consumer Markets). 

  online business incubator Pitchswag founders,  Emin Can Turan and Alina Bezuglova

His partner Alina Bezuglova is another stand out story. Bezuglova initially sprouted by way of an extensive education from the cutting edge, globally recognized University of Cranfield in the United Kingdom. Her leadership roles have been rooted in project management and business marketing. Perhaps Miss Bezuglova’s most notable attribute, which will coincide with Pitchswags unique line of operand, is her preeminence of social media implementations. Miss Bezuglova has a distinctive ability to efficiently utilize some of these channels with other pioneering ideas in sort of forming her own unique brand of marketing.

Together, Miss Bezuglova and Mr. Turan have have combined their keen ingenuity with technological know-how in forming a web based organization that is, in more ways than one, groundbreaking. The incubator will provide access/services to four different groups of prospects and stakeholders: Entrepreneurs, Investors, Experts, and Co-founders. One of the association’s objectives is to level the playing field. The premise is to place the every-day individual, sometimes with nothing more than an idea and a willingness, right along side the most successful venture capitalist’s in seeking resources, investors, and/or first rate services. The outfit is set to go live in September (2014). If you have an idea or already own a newer business that you would like to see grow via the help of professionals that specialize in making that happen, it could prove to be quite beneficial in applying to Pitchswag early on. As of now (July, 2014) there are still openings on the ground floor.


Have a great idea for a new business or are you trying to grow your own start-up? ..Are you an expert at something who wants to get his or her name out there to potential clients? ..Want to invest in the next big company while still in it’s infancy? .. Possibly you’re looking to join a forward thinking undertaking or perhaps you’re seeking a partner yourself? .. Look no further (see below):


Apply To Pitchswag Here The First Online Business Incubator >>>>> Application via Pitchswag’s New Website


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