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Tesla Releases It’s Patents In Making Worlds First Open Source Car


In an unheard of move, Tesla Motors announced today (Thursday, June 12, 2014) it is releasing all of it’s electric car patents to other car makers. No, this is not a joke, and it’s not a misprint. The electric car company has even removed it’s patents off of the walls from it’s headquarter offices in Palo Alto California in symbolism of this bold, sudden advance. Why? The companie’s CEO (and as some label him, “futurist”) Elon Musk said said the company chose to open and share all patents, essentially making them open source, in order to serve as a sort of catalyst in stemming  more conceptual ideas on electric car manufacturing and to boost it’s productivity within the automotive industry.

Tesla has solidified many patents for such a newer car company. Musk says he initially feared the larger auto corporations would use Tesla’s technology with their already existing manufacturing, sales and marketing muscle to squash Tesla so the company protected itself by accumulating as many patents as it could to protect itself from being put out of business if the larger auto makers decided to jump in head first. Surprisingly, the other manufactures ignored Tesla for the most part and continue making gas and diesel based (and some hybrid) cars at basically the same rate with little concern of developing their own electric cars. Concerned about climate change, and the ozone, Musk says the move is needed for less carbon dioxide emissions by way of more electric cars being put in production.

Musk says in order to get as many electric cars on the road as fast as possible, the company deemed this as the best solution.  Elon Musk made the statement that Tesla, a small manufacturer, realistically could not produce nearly as many electric  cars as would be needed to significantly cut down on Co2 emissions. In order to encourage the other manufacturers to step up their electric car innovations most of Teslas main patents will be shared. Musk further noted that at times,  in order for a technology to grow certain products need less patents that could restrict  over all growth from various companies versus only one. Tesla’s theory is the patent releases are crucial in order to entice various manufactures to expand and create more products on electric car technologies.

The car company with it’s owner Elan Musk is known for innovation and changing the way things work. Is Tesla on the tip of creating what is technically considered the world’s first open source car ? It seems that is some-what a reality in this latest pioneering effort.  Having a product such as one of the most successful electric cars in history, and releasing all of it’s patents in making the car technology the sort of Linux Operating System Code of the automotive industry is an unprecedented move that is indeed a first.

With all this noted Musk went on to add  that as long as the other manufactures use good faith in using the technology, Tesla will not move on a lawsuit against any of them. This strongly indicates the patents will not be released in full, but perahps enough for similar technologies to be created. Once again, and realistically Tesla still get’s to protect their “baby” in not setting a the complete circumstance for their demise. Mr. Musk appears to be a nice fella, and it seems as though he truly cares about humanity.. but he’s no fool .. .. ..


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