The Largest Dinosaur (..yet) and 7 Others Found!

largest dinosaur ever

A bigger breed of Dinosaur, even larger than the largest species known as the Titanosaur has been unearthed  Argentina. The breed closely resembled the Titanosaur, which itself looked like a very large brontosaurus. This latest one is much larger than both those species and  lived around 90 million years ago. The giant weighed an estimated 75-85 tons, was right around 120-130 feet long, and was as tall as a six or seven story building.  This particular dinosaur in itself carried the weight of a whole heard of elephants (12-16 elephants). The dinosaurs femur bone (though bone) alone, is much larger than the average man.

The discovery of at least seven other dinosaurs have been found very close in the immediate area. What turned Paleontologists on to looking at this location for prehistoric bones was a farmer who discovered a bone in field in 2011. That led to what is known as the best find for large dinosaurs to date.  In addition, according to researchers at the site, roughly only a quarter of all bones have been unearthed from the location as of right now .. meaning there are plenty more from where those came from. If you have a young-in that is fascinated with dinosaurs, Amazon sells a roaring, interactive three feet tall dinosaur for kids. does not recommend any product that isn’t well researched, and having at least “good” reviews. This item with it’s four star plus rating at Amazon is no exception. See Item below:

Large, Interactive, Moving and Talking Pet Dinosaur



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