BEST Precious Metal Firms (according to investors)

Investing in Gold, Silver and other precious metals is gaining more and more of a following. Central banks and various governments from around the globe are acquiring more gold than in the last four decades. is not saying there will be a major catastrophe. isn’t implying there will be an economic collapse.  We are certainly not indicating anyone should be building a bomb shelter in their back yard stashing away gold along with AK-47’s.


What we can say is this… putting part of your 401K in gold or owning physical gold in an IRA is ALWAYS a smart idea.. in any era.. and in any circumstance.

Here are the three main reasons why:

1. Over the long haul you will always make a fairly nice return.

2. Owning gold is safer than any other investment on the planet. You will NEVER lose your investment. There is no other investment in which you can stake that claim.

3. Owning gold and/or placing physical gold in your 401K or in an IRA is considered acquiring real, authentic wealth with a true asset. That actual wealth will be good anywhere on the planet in the future just as it has been has been for thousands of years (literally).

*The most artificial investors will argue that while this is correct, at the end or the road you cannot and will not be able to eat gold. This mind set is simply for the naysayers that down play the real value of investing in gold. Smart investors know to use gold as a hedge and as a base for their portfolio. In addition, one might answer that notion with another question… when is the last time one has eaten a stock, bond, or piece of real estate?

With that said, and before you invest in anything we will remind you of something that isn’t always made public. Asking an investor how to invest is different than asking an investor how THEY invest themselves. The questions are a bit different and often … so will be the answers.

If you want to know how successful investors are owning/implementing Gold in their endeavors see our friends at Regal Assets Club. Regal Assets Club is a non-fee based club of precious metal researchers, gold and silver enthusiasts and actual experienced investors.

The members discuss how to invest in precious metals and every bit as important.. they determine what firms are the very best to go through . The club’s staff investigates various organizations in the precious metal industry and members review the various firms that can be used to invest in a gold 401K, Gold IRA, Golb based Roth IRA etc. Collectively the club forms it’s ratings. You don’t have to join or become a member to see their reviews and precious metal investment firm ratings. Just simply visit their website and remember investing in gold isn’t for the paranoid it is for the wise. See what successful, proven investors are doing (as well as the novices):

See The Regal Assets Club Precious Metal Ratings




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