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gold investing is hot


China has been purchasing gold by the billions of dollars since June of 2012. China, in being a social – communistic country has a “state-owned” television station. In the past it was illegal to own gold as a private citizen. Since 2009 they are actually encouraging it. China’s news programming is a state governed news source. Recently the programming has been persuading the countries citizens to begin buying gold. Besides China, central banks of different countries all over the world have significantly increased their purchasing of gold including The United States Federal Reserve.

Why? The answer is simple… solidity. Gold in hand is much stronger in terms of financial safety and the metal is what is known as a true asset. As a country, investment organization, or as an individual having some gold in your portfolio, or in a safe, secure place is sometimes said to be a wise call.

Metals have held quite strong as many fear the economy and markets are in for a sudden shock.The researchers at feel we are plenty safe from any major crash or significant drop as we have detailed from July, and into the first part of August 2014. At the same time, we recommend investing in gold in any economic environment. Gold is the safest investment on the planet. The metal has been traded and purchased world-wide for thousands of years. No other investment, be it a stock, bond, annuity, mutual fund or even an FDIC insured Bank CD will ever be as safe as actually investing some of your dime in solid G-O-L-D. Central banks in various countries have been exercising that assertion. As was mentioned, most notably China is leading the pack as of late. Below is a chart that basically shows how Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing have been aquiting in gold in a few different ways over the last five years:


china gold coins


The metal has been holding strong at around $1300.00 an ounce and other countries central banking systems are continuing on China, and The United States lead. According to The World Gold Council report Russia, South Korea, Turkey, and Iraq have been acquiring more gold recently than they have in decades. The Council reported in February of 2014 that the central banks of the various countries of the world have purchased or acquired more gold in 2013 than any other year since 1964.

The reason so many people, governments, and financial institutions rely on gold above all other investment’s or assets is that because it is indeed a true asset. With the stock market in question,  some fiat (paper money) currency systems suspect, inflation and economic uncertainty there is only one sure place to turn… gold. Gold is, and always has been the safe haven hedging against all the worlds economic problems. Gold retains value to an extent even if the worst of financial and economic situations should occur. Through all the economic hardships, failures of financial systems over the past 2000 only a single monetary item remained a constant throughout the world, gold. Gold is not affected by inflation as other currencies or investments. In fact, gold is used to protect or hedge against inflation or other financially burdening situations. Central banks, such as China’s and investors alike realize this and have been buying or acquiring gold by the billions of dollars now more than ever.


gold coins bank vault

There are a hand full of ways to invest in gold. Here are the main ways:

1. Gold ETF’s . ETF’s are (electronically traded funds). This is a set of stocks (another form of a mutual fund) that can be traded almost instantly like an individual stock. A gold ETF is an ETF from companies that hold gold as their only asset. The USA currently has only has two of these companies.

2.  Gold Based Mutual Funds (mutual funds that invest in mining companies that actually mine gold).

3. Junior Stocks (investing in companiesthat seek or explore in search of gold)

4. Investing in Gold Futures which is a speculation that places a sort of bet on what the price of gold will do involving things such as “options” and “puts”. Basically, if you guess correctly on what the actual price of gold does over a certain period of time you profit. If you don’t guess correctly you lose money.

The very safest of all gold investment techniques is Direct Ownership. This is actually having gold on hand, in your possession or stored for you. This is sometimes called holding bullion. Many investors buy official gold coins for this purpose. You can also invest in solid gold in your retirement account or via 401 K’s or IRA rollovers this way. performed a study on the “very best” company that handles this type of hard investment. We looked into how they set up your direct hard metal ownership and how that investment is handled. That is explained here: Best Gold Direct Ownership Company In honesty, as was stated does not expect any major market fall within the next six weeks (as several other publications and experts are predicting). However, in being every bit just as frank, we very much encourage investing in gold for long-haul. Gold’s versatility, unique benefits, and most of all it’s close to zero risk factor make the asset irreplaceable. In addition to investing, actually having at least some gold in your possession is an excellent idea (provided it is safe from theft or physical loss). Amazon sells credible gold coins from various trusted sources. As well Amazon has excellent pricing and fantastic customer service. See some of those solid gold products below:


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