Strange, Unexplained Sounds Reported All Over World..

Unexplaned Sounds

Strange sounds, having no reasonable explanation, from an odd low frequency hum, to trumpets are being reported all over the world. Many people are reporting something even stranger sounds without being able to identify the source.  Such things as scraping on metal, and sounds of crashing waves  (in which there is no body of water remotely close) have also been called into authorities. The sounds have no identifiable source and are being reported the most in The Unites States and Canada. However Asia,  The U.K., South America and Australia have had overwhelming reports of unexplained sounds for the past two months. Below are four of the best articles we could find detailing these reports.

 Unexplained Sounds Reported All Over The Globe:

What are they? Mysterious unexplained noises now being reported …
Jan 17, 2012 January 17, 2012 – World – A series of unexplained noises are being reported across the globe and the frequency of these events appear to be …

Is electromagnetic phenomena responsible for strange sounds
This is a new phenomenon because these sounds were not being reported even at the beginning of this decade. There could be many explanations for the noise but not the one given by the “scientists” in this article.

Strange sounds: The mysterious “Kokomo Hum” | Strange …
Hum Complaints Met With Skepticism. Many Kokomo residents have been skeptical about reports of mysterious illnesses caused by a mysterious vibration, and local officials have done little to investigate. Here a documentary …

Strange humming sound in Olympia, Washington – April 18 …
The source of the Olympia’s hum have been unsuccessful, although idling trains, pressure washers and heat pumps have been suspected. The mysterious, low frequency noise occurs typically between 10:30 p.m. and 3 a.m …


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