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We are considered a professional review/rating website. At times we can receive compensation from the companies whose products we review and then recommend. We are independent and all the opinions expressed here are our very own, honest and legitimate. 

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Gold is HOT and a Gold IRA or a Gold Investment is Solid As Ever. We’ve Reviewed Several Organizations and One Stands Very Strong.


Disclosure in Full: is a news and professional review/rating website. At times we can receive compensation from the companies whose products we review and then recommend. We are independently owned and all the opinions expressed here are our very own and legitimate. With that said, <thoroughly researches and carefully investigates> any service or item we decide to review. will not and does not promote or recommend any service or product that we feel is even so much as slightly inadequate. Before recommending and affiliating with Regal Assets LLC. thoroughly researched Regal Assets LLC. for over two full months (literally). We can assure you with confidence that company is the “very best” at what they do and their positively stand-out reputation has plenty of basis. Read on to find out why…

Gold is indeed the most secure of investments. However before choosing an organization for any type of investment it is wise to do a little homework. Take 15 or 20 minutes to read the details of over two full months of our own personal research. has thoroughly researched a hand full of the top rated organizations for precious metal investments. This article details why Real Assets LLC stands out in the industry. Fortunately there are still some organizations out there that take what they do seriously. Regal Assets LLC (*Regal Assets LLC) is certainly one of those organizations. The firm spares no expense in ensuring a top tier protocol for the investment administration and their storage endeavors. Possibly just as important is their more traditional ideology in exercising an old school “taking care of the client” type of awareness.

More interest is being garnered in gold investment by the day. Gold is the most secure, reliable, and enduring investment in history. is a firm believer in precious metal investments but more specifically “gold” for a number of reasons. Gold has shown to have a timeless value. As can happen with many other investments it is almost impossible for an individual to lose their investment when it’s in solid gold. In fact, not one single instance of this has occurred. Even the most skilled millionaire or billionaire investors include gold as a staple in their portfolios.


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Regal Assets LLC is well known precious metal investment organization that has taken a different approach to ensuring their reputation isn’t compromised. Their staff has been kept fairly small. Not just any applicant is taken aboard. Organizations often lose focus and expand far too rapidly in taking too much on when things are going this well. While Regal Assets has performed pretty remarkably over the past decade the company has always managed to keep themselves in check. The premise is simply handling each and every client with first class attention. It is a personalized type of service. has investigated the company and even a few of the third party organizations that have rated them so highly. To a degree we have even observed the companies mode of operand from an inside vantage. All of the third party and public organizations that rate Regal Assets so strong have checked-out and this Burbank, California based firm proudly stands on this.


Regal Assets Inc. Significant Ratings:

-Regal Assets LLC has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau – (we assume your familiar with the BBB so we won’t explain the organization).

-A Five out of Five Star Rating at “TrustLink” : TrustLink is a respected non-profit Consumer Rating Organization that was originally established by the

– Better Business Bureau. The objective was to enable more customer reviews as opposed to only the complaints. TrustLink takes many steps to ensure the many reviews they receive are legitimate and recently performed a 14 day audit of Regal Assets as they do many of their featured companies ensuring integrity. Of 497 actual customer reviews to date (July, 2014).. Regal Assets has five out of five stars.

– AAA Rating by the Business Consumer Alliance: Another organization that was started by The Better Business Bureau in 1939. This organization helps ensure businesses are within regulation and properly licensed. The organization will try to resolve customer complaints. Out of 11 possible levels Regal Assets achieves the highest rating at number 11 with a Triple AAA rating.

*Regal Assets is actually featured by some of the major financial publications for their quality facilitation.  Heavy hitters such as Smart Money, Forbes, Yahoo Finance and Inc. Magazine have all given the company significantly high marks. There are reasons for that..

*Regal Assets LLC maintains they have a 99.9% positive client satisfaction percentage. This figure seems almost unreachable. However, considering several thousands of transactions with consistent glowing customer reviews over the years this figure seems plausible.


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The Stand-out Features Regal Assets offers As a Precious Metal Investment Organization:

*Regal Assets is the only gold dealer in the United States that truly converts your money into “physical gold” at every turn versus simply doing such on paper. The company actually changes your money into the real yellow stuff when one invests for their retirement account, purchases gold, or rolls over an IRA or 401K to gold. Nice to know there is more than simply a “certificate” guaranteeing your retirement account. The organization converts the money you invest or roll-over’s into physical, certified (**see explanation directly below) grade gold as the transaction finalizes. The gold is the clients property. Regal Assets can have the gold stored stored in their secure care via Brinks. Large amounts can be delivered via Brinks and an Armed Guard. The company offers only a single flat annual storage fee and a single administration fee once a year.

**Premium Grade Gold: Regal Assets LLC deals in gold that is accredited as “Good Delivery” (meaning legitimate) by the London Bullion Market Association (LMBA). The gold is refined at PAMP Suisse in Switzerland ; PAMP stands for Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux and is the most respected gold refinery world-wide. PAMP Suisse is one of the few gold refineries in which The LBMA certifies their golds integrity in being authentic and accurate in purity. These two organizations are the two major international players for gold refinement and then the certification, there of. The gold bullion contains a purity of 99.99%. Each gold item has a serial number verifying it’s existence and high purity level.

*The metals acquired  through Regal Assets are “allocated”. This means the title belongs to the client and only the client. The gold or metals purchased are not part of Regal Assets company portfolio in any regard (though Regal Assets securely stores the gold). Regal Assets collects no interest on the accounts.

*The set-up for Retirement Account Investments is waived. Regal Assets covers all first year dues for client retirement accounts which includes setup fees, administration fees, storage fees and any delivery of metals. The customer gets everything taken care of complimentary in all retirement accounts for the first year.

*Regal does not use a scaled fee system as do most of their competitors. In a scaled system, the more one invests/stores, the more for storage and administration fees. Regal Assets uses a yearly flat rate fee which which is the same for all their clients regardless of amount stored/invested. Consequentially, the flat rate fee is a bit less than moderate.

*The company uses only Fully Secured Brinks Segregated Storage Facilities. Your investment is always fully secured and separated from other investors assets (a feature many other organizations do not offer). Your assets are fully insured against any physical tampering, theft, or loss. Your gold with Regal Assets has it’s own separate secure spot in the vault.

*Upon requesting any of your Gold (or any other metal) the company ensures a seven day, verified delivery with tracking (as opposed to 21-28 days which is normally standard) from the date of request.

*Additionally, The company will actually buy back any gold purchased at any point and time in the future. The gold will be purchased from the client at the highest trading cost that day by Regal Assets. At some point and time in the future if one decides to cash in on some (or all) of their precious metal investments Regal Assets will kindly buy all metals from the client that same day.

The company can handle any precious metal investment approach or request. Although the actual vibe encountered through Regal Assets is actually reasonably non-pressure in tone, the executives that work for them are very thorough (as is necessary). All the possible metal investment routes in determining what is best for the “individual” can be and should be discussed BEFORE any decision is finalized.


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As was said Regal Assets LLC waves all fees for the first year of service when rolling over any retirement account regardless of it’s size. Starting at year #2 pricing is pretty reasonable (especially for having segregated storage by Brinks). Only a yearly flat rate fee is charged (versus charging by the actual amount of metal stored).

The company has never been one to cut corners in relation to the client (this is gold .. cutting corners in many regards might seem a tad weak). Regal Assets will send you a complete Gold Investment Literature Kit (at no charge) to get you better familiarized with the company. The package has literature explaining all the benefits of investing in gold as well as other precious metals. It also details Regal Assets LLC as a company. The package includes a special hour long documentary concerning why gold has been so valued throughout the years. In the video some of the world’s most formidable economists and esteemed investors go on record giving their candid opinions concerning gold and/or precious metal investments.

Fill out the email form at the website below and Regal Assets will send you the complete investment information kit at no cost. It is recommended you peruse the kit (and watch the video if you choose) before making any further decisions.

Gold is a fantastic investment (as is with some other precious metals). As with any investment there are things to consider before making the move into metals. Write all your questions and concerns down after you examine the kit. Your Regal Assets Executive will be able to address each of them one at a time. If you decide to make the move their account executives basically handle the whole process (that’s their job). Visit Regal Assets


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