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World’s First Open Source Car : Tesla

open source car

Tesla Releases It’s Patents In Making Worlds First Open Source Car   In an unheard of move, Tesla Motors announced today (Thursday, June 12, 2014) it is releasing all of it’s electric car patents to other car makers. No, this is not a joke, and it’s not a misprint. The electric car company has even […]

New High Tech Mick Jagger Wax Figure Amazes Onlookers

mick jagger wax

New Technology Design Team Produces a Mick Jagger Wax Model That’s So Lifelike, It’s Considered The Most Realistic Wax Figure To Date .. The most real life bearing wax figure that’s ever been designed was recently unveiled. The cutting edge wax model is of The Rolling Stones lead singer and front man, Mick Jagger. The […]

Adware is a new “Bugger” for Computer Users: See PANDA GOLD!

Panda Gold Cover Antivirus

Adware is a new headache for computer users. Before getting into Panda GOLD we provide a brief synopsis on what Adware is, and the basics of today’s malicious software that users should be aware of. Besides viruses and spyware the latest bother, especially to home computer users is Adware. Adware is software or scripts downloaded […]

Self Driving Google Cars Coming In 2017?

self driving google car

Are we going to have self driving Google Cars on the road in some places within the next five years? That is the objective of the Google Team in charge of their self driving car program. Several successful test drives in California have already taken place. The Self Driving Google Car uses special software to […]

New Telescope Could Be World’s Most Powerful and Will Sit On Top Of Volcano In Hawaii..

Most Powerful Telescope

New telescope could be the worlds most powerful by the time it is completed. Pushed by¬† The University of California the telescope will be built on top of a volcano in Hawaii and is to be completed by 2022. It uses a special infra-red technology and will be used to see potentially much farther than […]

YUPP.. You CAN Be Tracked In Real Time On Your Cell Phone …


  Just so you know. It is not a debate… Police and government authorities can track your cell phone in real time by using calculative software to determine your location via the cell towers your cell phone contacts as it is in use. This is known as is known as “triangulation”. Further more, manufacturers are […]

What is TCP/IP and What is IP Version 6 (IPv6)?


The TCP/IP Guide – Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) / IP Next … Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) / IP Next Generation (IPng). Since 1981, TCP/IP has been built on version 4 of the Internet Protocol. IPv4 was officially adopted in 1981 as the communication software language, and set of rules in which devices […]

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