Self Driving Google Cars Coming In 2017?

self driven Google Car

Are we going to have self driving Google Cars on the road in some places within the next five years? That is the objective of the Google Team in charge of their self driving car program. Several successful test drives in California have already taken place. The Self Driving Google Car uses special software to detect everything on the road and a distance above the road itself. From pedestrians to street lights the Google Car can detect objects in an instant.

The car’s special software uses a new mapping system, that is not the same as Google Maps. This software is a different animal in that it’s mapping deals with objects on within close proximity to the car and mother earth, as opposed to Google Maps, which often focuses in spanning thousands of miles (in the mean time you might want a Garmin Nuvi GPS to handle things. We’ll post perhaps the most economical one below ..but read on>).

How safe are these Google Cars? Get this… the cars special software not only takes into consideration blind spot area’s that are present when “manually” driving the Google car, but as well the special program takes into consideration blind spots in other vehicles that are close to the Google Car, which at least in the short term will most likely be driven manually.  A car that takes into consideration other vehicles blind spots as well as it’s own is a bit of icing on the cake in the companies innovative safety measures incorporated into the car.

Google hopes the car will be on the road in select areas some time in 2017 (we shall see.. .. sooner or later this is a definite possibility… but within a mere three years from 2014 is a bit of a stretch considering the legislation that is going to have to be in place as well as the technology). Not to worry, the car has a large  kill-switch for instantly removing it from being self guided, putting the driver back in charge. The car’s only current draw-back is that it can not yet handle self guidance in parking lots. That part is still the drivers responsibility.

Of the very best rated GPS’s in the industry is The Garmin Nuvi.  They’re well functioned, very easy to configure, reliable, and even better.. they don’t break the bank. If your interested here’s the high rated (4 & 1/2 stars) “40” model for right around $72.00 at Amazon: The Nuvi 40

A few more fine details on Googles Self Driving Car:

Google hopes ride-alongs will steer Americans to embrace …
Google Inc’s self-driving car technology likely will not be available for several more years. But the Internet company is already beginning the job of making the public comfortable with the futuristic vehicles. A fleet of Google’s …


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