Recording Vocals : What is “Sibilance” and How to Tame It.

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 You’ve got a great sounding vocal performance, but for a split second here and again those T’s and S’s seem to cut right to your belly in telling you it …Juuusssst isn’t right. Those high pitched, suddenly abrasive, T’s, S’s, and “Sh’s” in your vocal recording that sound a bit too harsh is known as…“sibilance“… Now that you know what sibilance is, you probably want to know what to do about it if it is sounding abrasive in your recordings?

Most of the time sibilance is rectifiable (by such items known as De-essers or notch filters). However, there is the odd occasion, for reasons not always easily understood, sibilance can be especially difficult for even more experienced audio engineers. We will also shed light as to how the the producer can make it easier for the singer and engineer if things are a bit too problematic in the sibilance department. Soon, we will publish more on what to do if your an engineer and your recording a vocal with too much sibilance. We will also address how to actually sing and talk with less sibilance. For now, here are some links to other articles discussing sibilance.

Recording Vocals – Crit Harmon
Feb 18, 2014 the range of the singer; the tone of the voice; the volume of the vocal; even the …
artifacts like sibilance and ‘plosives to the final recording. … They can take hours of editing later down the line to remove. … Let me suggest that you do your best to set safe levels on a “warm up/level check” pass with the singer.

Techniques for Controlling Sibilance – The Pro Audio Files
Sep 17, 2013 The issue with taming sibilance is that it lives right in the presence and “shiny” range of the vocals — that nice top end down to about 2-3k.Techniques For Vocal De-essing – Sound On Sound
When we talk about sibilance in relation to a vocal recording, we’re referring primarily to the ‘s’ sounds; noisy high-frequency consonants created by the …Enhanced by Zemanta
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