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Mastodon Excel’s By Keeping Things Grounded On New Album

mastodon excels by

  By ~ Ian Billen : Personal URL Ian’s Twitter – @IanBillen If you’ve ever personally validated the old expression.. “it’s the simple things in life that make it all worth wild”, possibly you were sitting down at your favorite spot in the park to enjoy that sugar cone ice-cream. Or, perhaps your one of […]

NY Banks Use Databases to Weed Out Potential Customers

ny banks use databases

Have The Banks Pushed Their Screening Tools too Far? NY Banks Use Databases to Filter Out Applicants/Potential Customers Who Were Not Fraud Related:   Major banking institutions such as Capital One, JPMorgan and Bank of America were screening applicants using a large database that was intended to find or detect people who practiced fraud in […]

Mummy Corpse Discovered In Ohio ..Young Boy Shaken

mummy corpse discovered

        Image is courtesy of CNN News- As younger boys do, one investigated an abandoned house in his neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio this week. This particular boy got much more than he bargained for… After getting into the house which was over grown with weeds and exuding many citations stamped to the homes front door […]

Economy Improving ..? Yes ..BUT Not Optimally

is the economy improving

  Is The Economy Improving ? We’ll Let You Know What We Think On The Subject but Importantly.. After The Read… Let Us Know What Your Thoughts Are .. It’s the start of the summer in 2014 and the stats are coming in: The American Stock Exchange Markets are doing fantastic. Corporate balance sheets aren’t […]

World’s First Open Source Car : Tesla

open source car

Tesla Releases It’s Patents In Making Worlds First Open Source Car   In an unheard of move, Tesla Motors announced today (Thursday, June 12, 2014) it is releasing all of it’s electric car patents to other car makers. No, this is not a joke, and it’s not a misprint. The electric car company has even […]

New High Tech Mick Jagger Wax Figure Amazes Onlookers

mick jagger wax

New Technology Design Team Produces a Mick Jagger Wax Model That’s So Lifelike, It’s Considered The Most Realistic Wax Figure To Date .. The most real life bearing wax figure that’s ever been designed was recently unveiled. The cutting edge wax model is of The Rolling Stones lead singer and front man, Mick Jagger. The […]

Dollar Stores Become New Norm. DG Lowering Prices Again

dollar stores new norm

Yes Dollar Stores Become New Norm .. However Walmart Pulls Some Customers Away For a Spell.. Now Dollar General Is Going To Lower Their Prices Again In Trying to Pull Folks Back! Dollar Stores become new norm unlike during the 1980’s, when kids made fun of a person, or their buddies parents for buying generic […]

Godzilla Stands Strong In Face Of Naysayers ..

godzilla stands strong

Godzilla Stands Strong In Face Of Naysayers isn’t going to spoil the fun in explaining each character and every aspect of the plot in a step by step written account of the new Godzilla movie (otherwise one could understandably argue that there’s not as much point to going and seeing a film after […]

Adware is a new “Bugger” for Computer Users: See PANDA GOLD!

Panda Gold Cover Antivirus

Adware is a new headache for computer users. Before getting into Panda GOLD we provide a brief synopsis on what Adware is, and the basics of today’s malicious software that users should be aware of. Besides viruses and spyware the latest bother, especially to home computer users is Adware. Adware is software or scripts downloaded […]

It’s That Time Of Year .. Bilderberg Meeting Underway

Bilderberg Meeting Underway

It’s that Time Of Year Again .. Bilderberg Meeting Underway in Denmark Until June 3, 2014.   What is it?: It’s that time of year again, late Spring .. Horse Racing, Baseball, Flowers .. The Bilderberg Meeting. In case your not aware of what The Bilderberg Group is and familiar of it’s annual meeting we’ll […]

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